Friday, 8 June 2012

Where are they now?

Yesterday was the last day for getting daily updates on the location of my study birds. To save battery life they will now only switch on for a few hours each morning every 5 days.

It is really important to get public sightings to fill in the gaps in where they are moving. Here are some clues on the last known whereabouts of my study birds. If you happen to live or visit the areas mentioned please keep an extra keen look out for them!

Blue tails
Two are still in the vicinity Morangup/Bailup in the Perth hills. They seems quite happy circling around that area. One is still heading south with its last location fix inland from Preston Beach - he is now over 100 km from the release site! Two that were in the general vicinity of Mount Lawley have drifted north into Malaga and Landsale. Probably just as well given the bad weather that swept though the Morley area yesterday. The third blue tail that was previously recorded in the vicinity of Mount Lawley ceased transmitting at the end of May.

Pink tails
Two pink tails are still doing laps into and out of Yanchep National Park to visit the nearby Pinjar pine plantation. Another pink tail spends most of its time in the vicinity of Sea Trees estate on the road to Two Rocks. One has drifted south to the vicinity of Nowerup. The remaining pink tail has settled in an area along Lancelin Rd to the north of Yanchep National Park between Seabird and Ledge Point.