Monday, 9 July 2012

Latest sightings

On Saturday morning I followed a large flock of Carnaby's into Koondoola bushland. It was a cold misty morning as shown in the photo below. Amongst the mist and as the sun began to warm the air I managed to find and photograph two of my study birds!

The first one I encountered was "Blue L" who was busy cleaning his toes and preening his tail feathers trying to dry off. It was a very wet afternoon the day before and would've been a cold night. I watched carefully as he used his beak to run along his outer tail feathers. He didn't pay any attention at all to the tracking device on his central tail feathers.

The second study bird I encountered had a very faded green tail. I managed to photograph the leg band. Most shots showed the join in the band!...but as he reached up to scratch his cheek I snapped a shot that showed one of the numbers. From that one number I was able to identify him as "Green V". He was released at Perry Lakes back in April. A different green tailed individual was also recently seen in Underwood Avenue bushland.