Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Flying around

Both my study birds and I have been flying around the countryside these last couple of weeks. I have been participating as a counter for the annual aerial kangaroo surveys. We flew over where some of my study birds have been hanging out which gave me an interesting perspective of their habitat.

Blue X has visited the Clackline area
Blue E has spent a lot of time in pine plantations near Lake Preston
 Four of my study birds have flown inland in the last couple of weeks. Our long distance traveller, Pink S, (who was released at Yanchep, travelled up to near Lancelin, then further up the coast to Arrowsmith, back down to Jurien, then near Cervantes)...has now travelled 100 km inland to near New Norcia! I can't keep up!!

Others have moved inland to Bindoon, Morangup and Clackline.