Monday, 7 January 2013

Feather hunt

Carnaby's cockatoos are returning to the Swan Coastal Plain from their breeding areas and it is this time of year that they moult. It is possible that the coloured tail feathers of my study birds might be found if there are some intrepid feather hunters (aka treasure hunters) out their looking for them. Although the colour is faded it is still possible to distinguish their non-white tail feather panels.

If you happen to find a moulted coloured Carnaby's cockatoo tail feather please collect it, note the details of where and when, and contact me.

Carnaby's cockatoo tail feathers are about 30cm long with black colouring at the base, end and often a narrow strip along one side. The middle of the feather is white, occasionally with black bars. The racime (central support) is also black. The two central tail feathers are completely black. They can be distinguished from raven feathers by being duller.