Friday, 1 March 2013

Tracking update

Pink D and Z are still together. They travelled to the Forrestdale Lake area.

Pink T has been enjoying feasting on the pines at Hyde Park but today he visited Nedlands and Dalkeith with more than 50 friends.

I followed Pink L yesterday. She seems to like visiting primary schools after roosting twice at Glendale Primary School and resting during the heat of the day at Westminster Primary School. Maybe she knows the importance of a good education? She and her 8 'class mates' would like to object to the attention of the school bully ravens though.

Unfortunately Pink K's tracking device has stopped giving fixes. It would be great to get a sighting of her to make sure she is ok. From the little bit of movement data she gave us, the vicinity of Hollywood Hospital and also Hyde Park are probably the best chances of spotting her at the moment. If anyone can help look for her please do.