Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Meet the Greenies

Green P
We fitted tracking devices to three new study birds today. Amongst them is an adult male and an adult female. The mature birds have generally been the ones in the past to fly long distances. We'll soon find out how well they know their geography and how keen they are to go 'home'.

Green P has beautiful strong tail feathers. He is a mature male based on his dark bill and pink eye ring

Green T is a very vocal young male. I still have all my fingers intact after catching him - only just! Usually it is the females that screech.

Green E flies very well. She is a mature female based on her light coloured bill and bright cheek patch.

Green E

Other News.... Blue L was found yesterday near Mandurah after he crashed into a window. He was taken to a local vet and the leg band alerted the vet that he was special. He is currently being cared for at Perth Zoo. Lets hope he is okay. His tracking device gave its last reading from Canning Vale back in September.