Thursday, 6 June 2013

Release pics

Here are a few photos of the release yesterday evening at Collier Park Golf Course. We released seven rehabilitated Carnaby's cockatoos. We opened the doors of the pet packs when we heard the wild flock arriving to drink at the golf course lake. Six of them flew out of the pet packs and landed in a pine tree together further down the fairway in the direction of the lake. Purple F took a bit of encouragement to come out of her pet back but she too eventually joined the other six.

I counted 244 birds as they flew from the golf course to their night roost. Hopefully they'll welcome the newest additions to their flock and take them to the best seasonal feeding spots this morning.

Three have satellite tracking devices attached so I'll be able to follow them more closely and hopefully spot other colourful tailed study birds at the same time.

The pet packs are lined up getting ready to open the doors
Fly, be free