Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Time is flying by

I know it has been a while since I last added a post to my blog. Time has really flown by this year!

I have been very busy entering, analysing and writing up the results of my project. In the last few months I have also been giving presentations at conferences.

Back in August I gave a presentation at the Combined Biological Sciences Meeting that was hosted at the University of Western Australia. My presentation was titled "Studying the spatial ecology of a highly mobile species using three complimentary techniques". As a huge bonus I was awarded the New Investigator Award for my presentation. The award will help me travel to another conference in the coming year to present the results of my study.

In September I presented at the Sustainable City Conference in Siena, Italy. The reason I was interested in this particular conference (apart from the amazing scenery of the location) was the opportunity to meet landscape planners, urban designers and architects. One of the keys to conserving Carnaby's cockatoo in Perth is going to be making the urban landscape as cockatoo friendly as possible and to do that we are going to need to make changes to how we design, develop and manage the urban landscape.
Certosa di Pontignano - Sustainable City 2014 conference
Certosa di Pontignano - Sustainable City 2014 conference